Looking for a Master of Wine with first-hand knowledge of the trade and extensive experience as a speaker and educator?

Here are just a few of the wine topics I've presented for organizations, companies, schools and private groups:

Tastings and seminars on themes tailored to specific needs for unique occasions - sales meetings, special events, and conferences

wWne instruction aimed at a consumer audience in one or multiple installments such as Understanding Wine

Educational seminars focusing on a specific region - for example, the French Wine Society's Rhône Master Level Program and other academic presentations on subjects such as Soil & Wine, Dissecting the Taste of Wine & Climate Change & Wine

Edu-tainment in various formats including the interactive Theory of Taste

I have presented academic seminars and webinars on a wide variety of subjects and continue to do so. The issues I prefer are ones which, first, are of personal interest and challenge me intellectually. They also tend to be the "hot topics" being debated in the world of wine at large. I always refer to and cite current scientific research so as to present verifiable facts - even if it challenges the received wisdom which often rules discussions about wine! Here are some recent seminar titles:


Soil & Wine

What do we really know?


Climate Change & Wine

Understanding the essentials & imagining the future


Dissecting the Taste of Wine

Understanding the origins of wine flavor


Organic, Biodynamic & Reasoned Viticulture

What are the features & benefits?
Here, for a brief time, I am sharing all of the background slides from my presentation entitled "Chinese Wine Today" presented at the 2015 Annual Conference of the Society of Wine Educators.

Ready-to-present wine seminars

with the MW touch

As an importer for many years, I worked closely with renowned producers in many classic wine regions including Champagne, Burgundy, Alsace, the Rhône, Loire, Bordeaux, Argentina and the Douro (Port). I developed thorough and detailed presentations about these districts in animated, pictorial formats that facilitate an easy understanding of the subject. The presentations cover an overview of key facts, grape varieties, vineyards and wine production techniques - and all have that "extra" touch of a Master of Wine who has insider knowledge gained by working directly with wineries in these regions.

Do you want to see a sample presentation of one of my seminars?

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Châteauneuf-du-Pape Master Class

Sample Version


Speaking about the roller coaster of Bordeaux prices at the 2014 Beijing Wine Expo