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This page of the site is open to all comers - a collection of recommended wines from around the world. It will be modified and updated on a regular basis with information, notes and commentary about wines I have tasted. You'll find notes here for wines from Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey and so many other origins.

Masters of Wine Weekend 2013 - Istanbul, Turkey

In May 2013, I joined six other Masters of Wine from the U.S. and U.K. for a five-day, multifaceted event in Istanbul. Our mission was to judge Turkish wines, present master classes and “how to export” seminars, give press interviews, and engage in face-to-face meetings with winemakers to discuss their judging results. And, lest I forget, the experience took in a series of gala dinners with journalists and producers at Istanbul’s trendiest restaurants, all with truly spectacular views of city, hills and water. Quite an ambitious program, and distinctly different from the standard wine competition! The location of the judging was a first-rate hotel on Taksim Square, now very much in the news as the focal point of demonstrations.

To read my full report and see my top-scoring wines as well as the actual notes I wrote in real time as I was judging, click on this link:

An exploration of wines made from old vines in various environments.
Do they make a difference?

My Rating Scale


* poor, possibly flawed


** below average or deficient


*** good, well-made


**** excellent


***** exceptional


(  ) denotes added potential with bottle aging


My system is not perfect, but it serves to establish a general ranking in terms that are equitable, and it allows for any high-achieving wine to be recognized for its merit.

Tasting Notes

"Vinos de Terroir"

Benchmark Chilean Reds

Notes for a variety of fine estates of this Provence appellation


Republic of Georgia - another country to discover!

Here are notes for two producers tasted in New York in October 2014. These wines are currently available in parts of the U.S. at ridiculously low prices - $15 retail at the most (or even less). This is the moment to discover Georgian wines!

Schuchmann Mtsvane 2013 **** for value

Light yellow gold. Very clean nose, very youthful, revealing ripe yellow fruits. This Mtsvane's taste is clean and alive and expresses stony highlights. Dry, inflected and persistent aftertaste. 

Schuchmann Rkatsiteli 2013 **** for value

Light clear gold. Young, clean aroma offering restrained white fruit flesh. Subtle, clean taste with attractive white and stone fruit accents. Dusty, stony finish.

Schuchmann Pirosmani (Saperavi) 2011 ****+ for value

Dense very dark red with purple rim. Youthful and reserved to the nose. Evident concentration and bountiful dark fruits and berries on the palate. Juicy, fresh and vibrant young red.

Schuchmann Saperavi 2011 **** for value

Moderately dense plus dark red purple. Young and undeveloped nose showing solid concentration of dark and wild fruit. Focused, well-defined palate with wonderful freshness. Excellent balance and underlying dark fruit qualities. 

Schuchmann Mukuzani (Saperavi) 2011 ****+ for value

Moderately dense very dark red with purple edge. The aroma delivers beautiful, scented and mature dark berries. In the mouth, ripe fruit and concentration are evident once more. Engaging, persistent and aromatic finish with fine definition.

Teliani Valley Tsinandali 2012 **** for value

Light straw gold. Very clean, young, muted dark white fruit and spice notes. Textured and generous palate marked by white fruit flavors. Very lasting finish. 80% Rkatsiteli/20% Mtsvane. Less than $10 retail!

Teliani Valley Saperavi 2013 **** for value

Moderately dense very dark purple red. Clean, attractive, youthful aroma bursting with black fruits. In the mouth, this Saperavi is very young yet delivers irresistible charm and fruit. Less than $11.99 retail!