Tasted & Recommended - Spain

I have worked closely with many Spanish wine producers during my time as an importer, with a particular emphasis on the Rioja. As a retailer, I featured a wide selection of Spanish wines and set up direct relationships with wineries in several regions. Spain is the source of some of the world's greatest values at low prices. The country also produces superb wines from diverse indigenous grapes that can stand alongside classics from other parts of the world, and these wines as well are often comparative bargains.

Special Feature

The Wines of Vega Sicilia -

Notes from 3 Tastings

Here are my background and tasting notes for the wines of Vega Sicilia, including Unico back to the 1942 vintage. These come from three separate tastings in 2013, 2012 and 1996.

Landscape of the Rioja

Interested in unusual wines, perhaps vinified in the open air in fermenters cut out of stone on slopes in Northern Spain? Then let me share this intriguing story of "extreme individuality."