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Old Rules, New Pleasures:

Wines for Cheese, Restyled

Nearly every book focusing on pairing wine and food includes a special emphasis on cheese. In the Western world, traditional wine producing countries also fabricate a large number of cheeses from a variety of milks (cow, sheep, goat). France, Italy and Spain are notable examples. In light of this historical model, it is a truism that wine and cheese are natural and perfect partners. Is this really the case? Perhaps, but does a fine old vintage really show at its best if served with cheese? In Old Rules, New Pleasures I challenge the conventional wisdom and offer practical alternatives to standard combinations of wine and cheese.

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"Old Rules, New Pleasures"

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Cheese and wine:

Contrary to popular belief, cheese is one of the most challenging foods to match with wine. I've found

that an assortment of cheeses may call for more than one wine, something I've termed the Two-Wine Solution. In the photo above, the plate is accompanied by (left to right) a Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a Super-Tuscan and an Australian Shiraz.