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I have created this site for business contacts, friends and anyone else who may have an interest in my background.

In the pages that follow, there is information pertaining to my professional wine consulting services and wine

education activities.  You'll also find a brief biography describing my lengthy career in the wine trade as well as

examples of my work as a lecturer, writer, educator, and moderator.

I hope you enjoy the site. I perform all webmaster duties myself, and I am always trying to improve the appearance and content. Please give me your feedback!

You might enjoy reading a few of the articles and reference material I have created over the years. I'm working on the second edition of an e-book which compiles the Q&A from Local Wine Events entitled Answers to Wine Questions from Real People. Wine Tasting Vocabulary is a succinct lexicon of wine tasting terms, including a template to guide a serious taster. If you have an interest in old vintages from some of the world's most celebrated estates, don't miss Archives-Great Tastings Over the YearsThe Onion of Taste explores the complex factors which govern how each of us experiences the taste of wine and food.  Wine and Style and Wine and Food are based on a classification of wine by style attributes, and the foods that match each style grouping. And on every page, you'll find photographs I took of wines from my personal cellar, or those from tastings described in the Archives.


Report on two Consorzio tastings

BRUNELLO 2012 - 2013


Extensive notes on 27 leading domaines

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BORDEAUX 2014 - 2015
A continuing photographic series...
Gems from my cellar
A fabulous Rhône:
Hermitage "La Chapelle" 1990 magnum

There have been many outstanding vintages of this benchmark Northern Rhône. I had the good fortune to be associated with this world-famous producer during the heyday of the Jaboulet family's involvement. The 1990 is one of the truly great modern vintages. It could be enjoyed now or kept much longer. I recall tasting the 1949 in 1998, and it was sublime! You may want to look over my notes on the Archives page (Half a Century of Hermitage "La Chapelle").


 Roger has presented

"Le marché du vin aux Etats-Unis"

for multiple delegations of growers from Languedoc-Roussillon

"Rhône Master Class""
Society of Wine Educators

2014 Annual Conference

"France in Ten Glasses"

Seminar & wine tasting

presenting ten appellations in a historical context

"Chinese Wine Today"
Society of Wine Educators

2015 Annual Conference

"Venturing into the Unknown:

The best wines you've never tasted"
Seminar & wine tasting exploring wines from six countries such as Greece, Turkey, Republic of Georgia & others 


Examining, challenging & tasting its meaning"

Society of Wine Educators

2016 Annual Conference

"Holiday Food & Wine Pairing"

An adapted version of my earlier Theory of Taste seminar that challenges our conventional notions of matching wine and food

"The Crystalline Beauty of Riesling"

Society of Wine Educators

2017 Annual Conference

"Do Classifications Matter?"

Commanderie de Bordeaux - Atlanta, Philadelphia & Dallas




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