Climate Change & Wine

There is no issue with greater implications to life on Planet Earth than a climate in a state of radical flux. Wine may seem almost incidental alongside more consequential effects. Over the past decade, I have written articles and presented seminars detailing how wine as we know it is likely to be altered in the decades ahead. On this page, I am providing access to edited versions of several presentations together with links.

Here is an excerpt from one of the articles I have published, Paradigm Shift: Climate, Terroir & Wines of the Future:

"In recent decades, previously cool, marginal wine regions have been experiencing more regular grape maturity and better quality across vintages. Wine drinkers have in fact been enjoying the pluses of climate change. Our attention shifts now to the future as we grapple with looming questions. To what extent will wine growing be able to adapt to a transformed ecosystem? How hot is too hot for grape varieties currently grown in vulnerable locales? Will grapes offering greater tolerance of heat and drought replace those intimately associated with pedigreed appellations? The answers seem to lead to an inescapable conclusion: If present trends continue, there is nothing less than a paradigm shift awaiting us by the end of the 21st century." 

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