Vintages & Glossary

Links to ongoing projects for Wine Auction Prices under the Wine Knowledge tab

Bored by the usual vintage charts? Take a look at the model I've created for Wine Auction Prices. You'll find detailed commentary, ratings and maturity dates for a large number of regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, the Loire, Champagne, Piedmont, Chianti, Rioja, Priorat, Port, Napa, Sonoma, South Australia and more!

Displayed below are short extracts from Vintages to give you an on any to link to the Wine Auction Prices website.

Do you find the standard glossaries in wine books far too limited and superficial? If so, check the version I've developed for Wine Auction Prices. There are well over one hundred entries, and many are explained in detail.

Here are just a few examples from the on this list and you'll be redirected to the Wine Auction Prices website.

All photos © Roger C. Bohmrich